I'm a newly married college graduate living and working in Chicago. Since I spent the first twenty years of my life in the suburbs, the day-to-day normality of life in a big city is still kind of an adventure to me.

When I decided to start up a blog, I was tempted to select a theme and write primarily about a specific topic, but there were two problems: (1) I'm interested in a lot of different things, so it's hard to pick one subject that I'd prefer to write about over everything else, and (2) I worried that I would get bored with a single topic pretty quickly anyway.

So I started up this blog, and just started writing about a little bit of everything. So far, this includes:
  • Books I've read
  • Photography (I am a hopeless shutterbug)
  • Nerdy computery things
  • Poorly thought out cooking experiments
  • Random anecdotes
In the future, this list will probably expand to include commentary on TV and movies, adventures fixing up our apartment, interesting art projects or science stories I stumble upon, and maybe even some "important" stuff relating to current events and politics and the like. I will continue to update this page as the blog evolves.