Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Deals: Too Good To Be True?

We thought about venturing out to do some Black Friday shopping today. Specifically, we had considered taking advantage of some of the sales and finally purchasing a flat-screen TV to replace our ancient clunky low-resolution one. Target seemed to have a very good deal on a 40" 1080p LCD TV, as shown in the following ad:

But when we actually started researching the brand and model number, it became apparent that the deal may not have been as good as it looked. The specs for this particular model were a little poorer than that of similar models, and based on various reviews we found, Westinghouse didn't seem to be the best brand for LCD TV's in the first place.

To top it off, I stumbled upon a discussion expressing concerns that the door-buster deals on big-ticket items for Black Friday may sacrifice on quality -- either intentionally by using cheaper components, or unintentionally due to rushed production, mishandling, or related factors. Perhaps this is just a load of baseless rumors and paranoia-mongering... But when we're talking about hundreds of dollars and hours spent freezing in line, it would be a shame to end up with buyer's remorse after all of it.

Anyway, in the end we decided that we would save our money, take our time, and eventually purchase a good-quality TV that we could shop around for instead of rushing to make the purchase in such a high-pressure and time-sensitive environment.

But I'd be curious to hear about the Black Friday adventures of anyone that may be reading this, especially experiences involving electronics in general and TV's in particular. Do the Black Friday sales tend to offer discounted products that sacrifice on quality? Or are they mostly good opportunities that shouldn't be passed up?


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Curious as how you stumbled upon it since you are my first outside commenter! =)Let me know...
    We actually decided against getting up at 4 to go early bird shopping even though we were seeking the Xbox bundle from Target. However, we got to target around 11:30am and Travis decided to just ask if they happened to have any left (knowing that would be unlikely) and the girl walked him over and TADA there was 1 left. Everyone must have thought the same thing we did but we asked...that was the lucky break on Black Friday. The camera however, not such a good buy. I decided to get a camcorder so I could video the kids opening gifts and special things or for my blog and thought I didnt need anything fancy. But this thing didnt even have a picture that was clear enough to make out what was on the camera. It had this 180 swivel screen and reg price was $50 so i didnt think it would be too bad...I took that thing back immediately. I hope to get one for Christmas that is good quality and may also have a light built in to help with picture as well...oh the trials and tribulations of being the bargain hunter!


  2. Thanks for sharing your Black Friday story! Sorry to hear things didn't work out so well, and good luck eventually finding the right camera.

    All this kind of reinforces what I suspected about companies making lower-quality products knowing that they'll be selling them at huge discounts anyway... Maybe there's more going on here, and maybe some deals are a lot better or worse than others, but all this anecdotal evidence is making the wary consumer in me pretty skittish about buying in to the Black Friday sales.

    As for your blog, you probably posted a comment on another blog I was reading and I followed the link back to your site -- it may sound weird, but sometimes it's fascinating to just click on random links like that and see what you might find.


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