Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Basement Window Blues

So we've lived in a basement apartment for almost two years now. As a young couple's first home, it has some pretty great things about it -- like ample parking, an easy walk to the El, a dishwasher, and a laundry room right outside our back door.

But then there's the windows. Since it's a basement unit, the few windows we have are small and deeply sunken, with thick frosted glass that's pretty much impossible to see through. Even on the sunniest days, it's never bright enough down here to avoid having to turn on the lights.

In addition to the lack of natural light, I really miss being able to look outside -- just the simple homey pleasures of looking out at snowfall while curled up in a blanket, or watching the rain and lightning during a thunderstorm.

So in searching for our next apartment -- which we're currently working on right now, and which should hopefully be completed within the next few months -- I've been overcompensating with daydreams of ridiculously oversized floor-to-ceiling windows. The compromise will probably involve sane normal-sized windows for practicality and affordability purposes, but it'll be interesting to see what we can find.

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